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Here's the Flowstone site where you can see what it's all about and download a free trial version. The excellent forum for Flowstone is found under the SUPPORT heading.

A Flowstone basics video tutorial.

Facebook group Flowstone and SynthMaker

Ph.D (J) Music This is the site of the flowstoner acg2010 from the forum community and features some great VST(i)  plugins made with the forerunner to Flowstone (Synthmaker). Flowstone is so much more capable than Synthmaker so if you like this stuff imagine what you can do with its successor...

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Heya Flowstoners,
I was one of the early adopters of SynthMaker, in 2005.
I am not one of the brilliant ones at it- but I have spent hundreds of hours building plugins in Flowstone.
Here you can download an archive of 15 finished plugins as project files for Flowstone->
Feel free to do what you like with them.
My website is
--where you can look at the UIs and download the VST ® plugins
Cheers and have a ball in FS

Fugue State Audio

Free VST plugins made with Flowstone and a lot more! Look under DSP.

MV’s Plugins

Martin Vicanek is a fully fledged wizard with Flowstone and has provided the community with so many great highly optimised modules and solutions. As if that were not enough, he excels at image processing plugins too, all free to download. You must check out his recent MIDI Choir which is under Audio Processing.

Here's a short video of a project by Kortezzzz who hopes to get backing to make it into a commercial product. This is a great demo of what can be achieved in Flowstone:


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