My name is Rex Basterfield and I am addicted to Flowstone. So yes, I am a flowstoner.

Flowstone is a wonderful app that feeds my irresistible urge to create musical instruments and effects. Not like in the old days where soldering iron burns were common and drills, spray paint and Letraset were the order of the day. Now I can assemble modules and patch them together simply on my PC screen, play my MIDI keyboard and hear the results immediately. I can make monster synths to my exact specification, experiment with various techniques and finally save my project as a VST plugin or even a stand-alone product, for anyone to use.

I can make my own effects modules and racks and experiment with whatever sound-mangling processes I can think of, tweak any parameter or routing and directly hear what happens.

And much more too.

This website will be an outlet for Flowcom audio products; those created by collaborators from the Flowstone community. Expect a high standard and some surprises in store. Also, under Flowmates, you will find stuff from individual authors who would like to share their work here.

In addition I will offer my own amateur hobby-grade produce under the Quilcom banner and I hope you might be inspired enough to check Flowstone out for yourself. I bet you could do better!

Help is always at hand in the Flowstone community. The support forum has many members willing to assist and advise anyone, from newbies to pro-level authors who make good money from their plugins. Their forum support is driven purely by passion and not personal gain.

Everything here is free to download but there is a time and money cost to hosting, so if you would like to offer something to say thank you, there is a PayPal button. Nothing is expected and anything is appreciated.

Enjoy and have fun!